Now available from Cultural MaterialsHOME LESS collects in one hardbound monograph over ten years of medium format film photography made by Alfred Brown IV. Known, too, for both his skeptical prose and musical output with the band DANGERS, he presents here in 82 images his signature at-arm's-length vision of our modern world which, through his lens, toes the line between rapt fascination and abject disgust. His lens creates seamless parallels between distant, disparate locales and the various individuals that inhabit them, suggesting that "home" may refer less to a physical geography than to an incessant, endless metaphysical state of wonder. As the noted writer Aimee Bender suggests in her foreword, these are "serious, quiet, stark, and clear-eyed" photographs that illustrate "a deeper understanding of how an eye, his eye, works to make links in the world."